[Community_garden] need to prove that many community gardens are onpublic land

Fred Conrad fred.conrad at acfb.org
Wed Apr 2 09:19:54 EDT 2008

A local Atlanta story... There was once a beautiful field of grass on a
flood plane near two little streams in a very very upscale in-town
neighborhood.  The people from the neighborhood and the trendy eateries
loved the view of the meadow, all green and dotted with song birds.
Then, one day, it could have been years ago or it might have only been
yesterday, a group of people who also lived in that neighborhood but did
not have a lovely view of the field thought to themselves, "say, that
field looks flat and grassy, just like a real ballfield."  and they went
to the community design center and found that the city owned that field.

Then they organized a meeting.  

Then it hit the fan.  

The people in the big expensive houses on the hill overlooking the
meadow also had a thought... Huge banks of bright lights sticking 50
feet into the air, night games, weekend games, 50 or 100 cars parked
everywhere, noise, beer, trash, chain link fences, teenage hangout,
dug-outs, bleachers, tailgate parties, ruts, cheering, jeering...

The resulting community garden was fantastic until the city bulldozed it
so they could dig a 600' deep drop-shaft for a storm-water pumping
station.  Poor rich people, can't win for losing!


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We have a small (10-12 family) organic community garden, the first in a
park in cheltenham township, PA.  We've been operating for 5 seasons
One of the neighbors thinks the garden is 'messy' and 'unsightly' and is
trying to get it shut down.
One of the arguments they are using is that the garden is in a public
park, and they say that most community gardens are on private or
institutional land.
this isn't true according to my research, but I need to gather more
examples of community gardens that are on park land.  Can you help?

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