[Community_garden] mission statement

Tori Ford tori at dug.org
Mon Jun 9 14:12:25 EDT 2008

I love Denver Urban Garden's mission statement for its brevity.  It certainly means different things in different communities:  "Growing community, one urban garden at a time."

The Beeler Street Garden in Aurora came up with this "manifesto" for their own garden:
As residents of original Aurora, we want to grow and strengthen our neighborhood together as we plant seeds of hope, nurture the vines of trust, and harvest sweet and long lasting relationships. We will accomplish this by blending our languages and traditions together in laughter, hard work and friendship in the Beeler Street Community garden. As the 31 plots become one, each farmer will be an example of true immigrant integration to the larger neighborhood surrounding the garden.  As the seeds and young plants begin to grow, we will share our stories together.  We will rely on each other to till the ground, water the land, and tend to the ever-present weeds that creep into our soil.  We will greet each other as partners, and will welcome those on the streets cheerfully without fear.  We will mentor new farmers, and will teach each other new things. We will all watch over the children as if they were our own, and we will be a shining example of what they hope to become. We will share our customs, our foods and our values with each other.  We will look forward to seeing each other daily, and rejoice as our vegetables begin to appear.  We will celebrate the harvest as the fall season draws near.   We will blend into one neighborhood where our differences are our strength, and our diversity will be applauded. As the air grows cool and daylight fades, we will wait with anticipation for spring to arrive, and the new seeds to be planted.


3377 Blake Street, Suite 113
Denver, Colorado 80205
office: 303-292-9900 
fax: 303-292-9911

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